Broager Strand Camping has an interesting history, dating back to the end of the 19th century, when the place was just an inn, built in 1874.

However, the place did not historically make to the local map until 1902. The man, who sailed the ferry between Skelde and Sønderborg across the Bay of Sønderborg to buy butter around the turn of the century, started bringing Metropolitans to visit the inn with the unique location.

At that time, the inn was quite an attraction and despite the water, the connection between Sønderborg and Skelde became close, due to the ferry.

Waiting and playing cards

Going with the ferry back then was no luxurious trip like now and the people from Sønderborg sometimes had to wait a long time, before they could go back to town after visiting the inn. They spent the waiting time playing cards and the inn was soon named “Ace of Spades”.

In 1924, the innkeeper’s daughters took over the place, changing the name to “Queen of Spades”, but still running with plenty of ferry guests.

Along came the Germans

Rooks were in the late 50s and early 60s the specialty of the house in “Ace of Spades” and guests continued to come, also due to the annual Whitsun ball. However, a couple of unexpected German guests in 1963 started the transformation of the place.

A German couple suddenly dropped by the inn and asked the new innkeeper (successor of the two daughters), if they could put up a tent and sleep down by the beach. The innkeeper said yes, and the rumour seemed to spread among the neighbours to the south during the following years.

Five years later, in 1968, the inn was relocated to its current location and “Ace of Spades Camping” started to grow, still including the inn.​

A new name

In 2006, Ingelise and Kenneth Schmidt took over the campsite, which they in 2011 renamed Broager Strand Camping, before stating modernisation of the site.​

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Camping with beach

Our location is near Sønderborg Bay.

Scenic areas

We are surrounded by the most beautiful nature around the campsite.

Holiday for the whole family

We welcome everyone to the camping site, big and small.

What do our guests say?

"We'll Be Back"

The reception was very friendly, we got a parking space in the first row. Sanitary facilities large and clean. Fantastic view of the fjord. Family run small quiet campsite, we will be back.

Martina Steinmann

"Warm welcome"

Hot showers, well equipped kitchen... we were very warmly welcomed here (was also good as the weather was typical North German... wind, rain, snow...) But we were able to relax in this absolute solitude and calm... Kim and Vivi are very nice. We look forward to seeing you again. Stay healthy…. All the best, Wolfgang and Kirsten

Kirsten Kultscher

"Lovely weekend"

Great campsite, it was a really nice weekend! Super nice operator. Thank you!

Dirk Hoffmann

"We will be back!"

Really good and cozy family campsite! Relaxation and deceleration far away from mass tourism, just amazing! We would love to come again!

Antje Fritsche

Broager Strand Camping

Broager Strand Camping is located near Sønderborg in Southern Jutland. Our campsite includes 130 pitches, of which a third is reserved for permanent campers.

​We aim to give all our guests a great camping experience. Thus, we will be happy to escort every single guest to the camp grounds in order to find the right pitch.​



Broager Strand Camping

Skeldebro 32, DK-6310 Broager

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Telephone: +45 74 44 14 18